ESTTP Workshop “Future challenges for solar thermal R&D”, Brussels

Start Date: 
12 December 2011
End Date: 
12 December 2011

The Workshop “Future challenges for solar thermal R&D” organised by the ESTTP (European Solar Thermal Technology Panel) of the European Technology Platform on Renewable Heating & Cooling (RHC-Platform) will take place in Brussels, on the 12th December 2011. The workshop will discuss some of the challenges for solar thermal R&D and contribute to the update of the ESTTP Strategic Research Agenda (SRA). Launched more than 2 years ago based on the contributions of the working groups of the ESTTP with a lot of European experts, this SRA has been a major reference on the development of the solar thermal sector, either by its vision or by its concrete proposals in terms of priorities in the R&D field, with a concrete impact on European and national support for solar thermal R&D work. The developments in the solar thermal industry call for an update of the SRA, which will also contribute to the elaboration of a joint Strategic Research Agenda for the Renewable Heating and Cooling sector.


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