Conferenia de la industria solar Espana 2009 (CIS-ES), Madrid

Start Date: 
5 October 2009
End Date: 
9 October 2009

This annual conference became the main platform for debate and the exchange of information and knowledge across the solar energy sector and related fields. It aims to bring members of the sector into contact with political representatives, the financial world and the media. The conference will provide a framework allowing contact between people interested and involved in renewable energy issues.

The mission of the event is to facilitate an inter-disciplinary exchange of opinion, and to allow the sharing and comparing of experiences in renewable energy policies, marketing, public relations and financing among others.

The subjects of the conference will cover all forms of topics related to the solar-energy sector – photovoltaics, solar-thermal energy, concentrated solar power and solar cooling. The focus of the talks will be on the non-technical aspects, with an emphasis on practical application. In particular, the following broad areas will be explored:

1. Policies (national and international): perspectives, opportunities
2. Legislation: current developments, experiences once enacted,
planned regulations
3. Markets: industrial applications, quality, innovation, ongoing projects
4. Finance: financing models, experience in practice,
instruments and their acceptance
5. Marketing: channels and means of communication, keys for success …
6. Public Relations: exemplary campaigns, communication with the
7. Sales: innovative business models, contracting


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