Conferencia de la Industria Solar - Espana 2008, Madrid

Start Date: 
23 October 2008
End Date: 
24 October 2008

Conferencia de la Industria Solar - Espana 2008 (CIS-ES 2008) aims to become the main platform for debate and for the exchange of information and knowledge across the solar energy and related fields. It aims to bring the members of the sector into contact with political representatives, the financial world and the media. The conference will provide a framework allowing contact between people interested and involved in renewable energy issues.

The subjects of the conference will cover all forms of solar-energy capture – photovoltaics, solar-thermal energy, concentrated solar power and solar cooling. The focus of the presentations will be all non-technical aspects of the technology and industry, with an emphasis on practical application like legislation, financing, marketing and sales.


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