CIS-IT 2010, Rome

Start Date: 
11 February 2010
End Date: 
12 February 2010

From its very first staging in February 2009, CIS-IT has become a major appointment for those making solar business in Italy and across its borders. With 450 participants and good media coverage, the conference was a success beyond expectation. Nobody can say today how the global economy and the solar industry will look like one year later. But two things are certain: momentous develop-ments will take place in Italy and worldwide; and the long term perspectives of the solar industry will be brighter than ever. Therefore, we are certain that CIS-IT 2010 will again feature a number of exciting issues and will attract key players from the solar industry, finance, politics, science, media and other stakeholders interested in the latest developments of solar markets and policies.

The conference covers all forms of active use of solar energy: PV, solar thermal and Concentrated Solar Power, looking at all non strictly technical aspects, with an emphasis on the practical needs of market operators and industry:

1. Policies: Political and economic context at national
and international level...
2. Public policies and legislation: current develop-
ments, practical experience, building regulations,
feed-in tariff, practical experience at Italian and
international level...
3. Markets: industrial developments, quality, innovati-
on, best practice, ongoing projects...
4. Finance: financing models, practical experience,
fiscal aspects...
5. Marketing: channels and means of communication,
keys for success...
6. Public Relations: exemplary campaigns, communi-
cation with the media, examples...
7. Sales: innovative business models, contracting...
In cases of particular interest, presentations on
other issues, relevant for the conference issues,
will also be considered.


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