4th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IHRES 2009), Berlin

Start Date: 
1 November 2009
End Date: 
1 December 2009

- The exact date will be published soon -

The global potentials of Renewable Energy enable us to achieve an all-encompassing substitution for fossil fuels and atomic energy in the fields of heat, electricity and mobility.

This substitution, which entails the full exploitation of Renewable Energies, requires on the one hand, power grids and grid management tailored to the needs of Renewable Energy generation in relation to the demand for energy and taking into account the mix of complementary, available Renewable Energies, and on the other hand, the storage of heat and electricity for different periods of time, applications areas and performances.
Ground breaking opportunities will thereby emerge for the dynamic exploitation of Renewable Energies in manifold energy-autonomous forms, in residential construction and by and for enterprises, residential developments, cities, regions and countries. Herein also lies the chance of achieving numerous technological innovations along with new prospects for the industries.

In October 2006, EUROSOLAR and the World Council for Renewable Energy started the first of a new international conference series themed “International Renewable Energy Storage Conference“ (IRES). It is intended to contribute to the developments in energy storage and to publicize their application. More than 1000 experts from around the globe have attended the IRES-conference series so far. After the huge success of the first three events the 4th conference will take place in late autumn 2009.


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