4th International Conference Solar Air-Conditioning, Larnaca

Start Date: 
12 October 2011
End Date: 
14 October 2011

After Bad Staffelstein (Germany, 2005), Terragona (Spain, 2007), Palermo (Italy, 2009), Cyprus is hosting the 4th International Solar Air Conditioning Conference from 12 October to 14 October 2011. Through the years, the conference has been recognized as an important event where scientists and industrial researchers, product manufacturers, building designers and planners, contractors, and installers have met to exchange knowledge and experiences with a common goal: To contribute towards the development of solar technologies and systems so that solar air conditioning can become a real, economically viable choice.

Topics of the Conference are

  1. Components:
    heat driven water chillers
    heat driven open cycles
  2. Systems technology
  3. Practical Experience: Operation, Maintenance, Energy Performance, Cost Performance
  4. Solar Cooling Applications
  5. System Design; Design Tools, Simulation, Engineering

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