1st SMEThermal - Solar Thermal Materials, Equipment and Technology Conference, Berlin

Start Date: 
4 March 2010
End Date: 
4 March 2010

The European solar thermal markets are growing at high rates altogether. During the last three years alone, the average annual growth rate finally settled at an impressive 35 % margin. And, dozens of new tanks and collector manufactures opened their doors in the last two years.

This rapid increase in all areas of the solar thermal industry presents a big challenge for all of its market players – component manufacturers as well as suppliers of material and machinery.

The 1st SMEThermal conference aims at providing industry experts with the latest production technology and automation strategies. The event begins where others come to an end: The conference focuses on the supply chain and production processes of component manufacturers from the perspective of the industry with an international orientation.
Key topics of the conference:

• Turnkey solar thermal factories
• Quality and reliability in the supply chain of materials
• Streamlining of production processes of absorbers, collectors and tanks
• Automation versus manual operation

SMEThermal offers an ideal platform for bringing together the solar thermal industry’s key technical experts, the suppliers of material and production equipment and members of research institutions – to make your stay a more than just informative one.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to acquire knowledge, contacts and visibility!


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