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Training and Education

TREE seminar on financing Projects in Abu Dhabi and South Africa

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on November 24, 2010

 Riadh Bhar, Uli Jakob, and Rainer Schmidt (from left)” The three speakers for the two-day workshop in Abu Dhabi (from left): Riadh Bhar (Ecofys Germany), Uli Jakob (Solem Consulting) and Rainer Schmidt (TST-C Thomas Schmidt Consultants GmbH) had extensive discussions with the participants about project design and financing of renewable energy systems in the field of solar cooling, solar process heat, photovoltaics and energy efficiency in buildings.
Photo: Solem Consulting

USA: Iron Workers International Union launches Solarwall Training Programme

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on November 13, 2010

 Manitoba Building” North America’s iron workers gain knowledge in green technology: In October, the International Iron Workers Union announced that it has developed the first Solarwall installer training programme for their members. The certified solar air heating training programme covers commercial and industrial applications.
Photo: Conserval

2nd CSP Training series : solar desalination (1/2)

Submitted by Nigel Cotton on October 17, 2010
By Fernando Nuno / Published on Sun, 2010-10-10 21:58

Second session of the 2nd Concentrated Solar Power Training dedicated to solar desalination technologies.

Tunisia: First Steps towards introducing Qualisol and Solar Keymark

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on September 27, 2010

 Qualisol label” Quality label for installers: By adapting French installer certification Qualisol, Tunisia's market development project Prosol has already entered “the 3rd Dimension” of quality control since its launch in 2005. Training is provided by the National Chamber of Renewable Energies (CNSEnR) after which installers will have to pass an exam to use the label in shop windows, ads, offers and invoices. Tunisia is a perfect example of quality-oriented solar thermal market development.

A Guide to Applying for a Building Consent for a Solar Water Heating System Installation (2009)

Submitted by Raquel Ponte Costa on August 18, 2010

This document, prepared by the New Zealand Solar Industry Association (SIA), is an example of a guide explaining how to obtain approval from a building consent authority for a solar thermal system installation.

This guide was done with the support of SWH suppliers, builders, homeowners’ agents and architects by explaining typical information needed for a SWH building consent application. It is meant to assist in preparing plans, specifications and general documentation needed for a building consent application.

California: Subsidy Programme off to a Slow Start

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on July 28, 2010

 Intersolar North America ” The Intersolar North America held in San Francisco in the middle of July was at the right time and place for analysing the first experiences with the new incentive programme in California called California Solar Initiative (CSI) Thermal Programme. Photo: Bärbel Epp

SOLTHERM Europe – Campaign Guidelines (2003)

Submitted by Raquel Ponte Costa on July 23, 2010

This report was prepared on the framework of the Soltherm Project. It aims to provide recommendations and guidelines for any party (local authorities, energy utilities, consultants and energy agencies) involved or interested in market enlargement actions for solar heating products in Europe.

The document is based on experience and best practices from previous campaigns and market stimulation activities. It also included promotion and publicity opportunities for both demand and supply side.

California Solar Initiative Thermal Program Contractor & Self‐Installer Workshop (2010)

Submitted by Raquel Ponte Costa on July 15, 2010

This power point presentation was used at a training workshop organised in the framework of the California Solar Initiative Thermal Programme. The workshop is a required introductory course for contractors, self-installers and applicants interested in participating in this programme. The workshop did not intend to show how to install, design or sell solar water heating (SWH) systems, but to explain the CSI‐T programme eligibility requirements, the application process; technical requirements; inspection checklist and also provide an overview of SWH systems.

Calls for Intensive R&D on Solar Thermal Air Drying in India

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on May 26, 2010

 Solar Air Dreyer” The Sardar Patel Renewable Energy Research Institute (SPRERI) organized a one day workshop on solar thermal drying at the end of March 2010. Its aim was to intensify the efforts of tapping into the national market potential for using solar applications to dry agricultural products.
Photo: Jaideep Malaviya


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