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solar cookers

Solar Electric and Solar Thermal Energy: A Summary of Current Technologies (2014)

Submitted by Francesco Gattiglio on June 26, 2015

This document, written by Tayyebatossadat P. Aghaei of the Global Energy Network Institute (GENI), illustrates the different applications of solar thermal and photovoltaic technology. 

After a brief introduction on the history of solar energy, the document firstly explains the functioning of large scale solar thermal technology systems, differentiating between flat-plate collectors and concentrator collectors. This section includes also graphic representations of the different systems.

RE Practices in Nepal - Solar Thermal Energy Technologies (2009)

Submitted by Raquel Ponte Costa on May 27, 2011

This is a document compiling presentations of various solar thermal technologies and their different uses and features in Nepal. This compilation of several solar thermal technologies, published in 2009, can be useful for many of us if we are far away from an electricity grid connection. Even in this case, for example, we can cook, dry, disinfect, heat or pasteurize water thanks to all these technologies presented here.

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