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indirect systems

Solar Hot Water: Value By Design (2011)

Submitted by Raquel Ponte Costa on June 21, 2015

This brochure comes from the solar energy company Heliodyne. It explains how solar thermal technology works, its benefits, and offers case studies of solar thermal water heating in action. This document would be useful to anyone interested in examining the current market for solar thermal products in detail.

Solar Water Heating Systems (2007)

Submitted by Raquel Ponte Costa on May 24, 2015

This presentation was created for Solar Santa Monica, a local government initiative by the city of Santa Monica, California that advocates for the use of solar energy.  This presentation was used to familiarize Solar Santa Monica members on how solar thermal works and why they should advocate for it alongside solar electricity technologies.

Solar Domestic Hot Water Heating Systems: Design, Installation and Maintenance (2009)

Submitted by Raquel Ponte Costa on March 14, 2015

This presentation was created by Christopher A. Homola, PE for the American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE). It contains a brief history of solar thermal water heating, information on the environmental and economic benefits of SWH, and information on the science and technology that goes into SWH.

South Africa: Freezing Cold destroys several 100 Solar Thermal Systems

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on July 19, 2010

 Logo WM 2010” In the middle of June, during the World Cup in South Africa, the significant drop in temperature around Johannesburg did not only cause some football players to catch a cold in the meantime, but one of these frosty winter nights also destroyed several hundred solar systems in the region.

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