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EnerWorks Spectrum Single Tank Appliance (2009)

Submitted by Raquel Ponte Costa on June 21, 2015

This technical fact sheet was created and published by the solar energy company EnerWorks. It details how their solar thermal collector and heat tank products operate through diagrams.


CSU: Intro to Domestic Hot Water Systems Fact Sheet (2012)

Submitted by Raquel Ponte Costa on June 21, 2015

This fact sheet was created and published by Colorado State University. It provides information on how solar thermal water heating systems for domestic use operate and what the benefits of these systems are.

Report on Solar Energy and Heat Pumps (2009)

Submitted by Raquel Ponte Costa on February 19, 2015

The present economical context prevails upon finding new heating technologies, that would generate primary energy saving and supposed to show competitive investment costs.  In this document we tried to present the main offer available today, and also to determine their advantages and draw backs. 

Solar Water Heating Systems in the Tourist Industry (2014)

Submitted by Francesco Gattiglio on September 25, 2014

This document was presented at the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) event on Renewable Energy Applications for Island Tourism, held in Cyprus on 29-30 June 2014. A link to the event’s summary, agenda and documents is available here. The presentation was made by Tassos Frantzis, owner of Vesta Solar Heaters Ltd., a manufacturing company of solar thermal systems and member of ΕΒΗΕΚ (Cyprus Union Of Solar Energy Industrialists).

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