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incentive schemes

Integrating Solar Thermal in Buildings – A quick guide for Architects and Builders

Submitted by Francesco Gattiglio on February 5, 2015

This guide for Architects and Builders aims at promoting SWH systems to architects and builders from developing countries and help them consider integrating SWH applications in their designs and projects. Intending to be a useful handbook, this “Guide” provides a compact overview of the technology and its main characteristics; as well as the main requirements to be considered for its application in different types of construction projects and in different geographical locations.

It was elaborated in order to increase awareness about SWH among important stakeholders, such as architects and builders; and encourage the use of this type of solar systems. Hence, it gives a synopsis of the technology and general requirements for integration in buildings. 

Design and Implementation Report of New Financing Mechanisms and Instruments for Promotion of SWH systems in India

Submitted by Francesco Gattiglio on October 17, 2014

This report covers relevant aspects of financing mechanisms for the promotion of SWHS in India, such as: segmentation of market for SWHS, assessment of financing needs of user segments, identification of financing instruments and proposed financing mechanisms. The report was prepared by ABPS Infrastructure Advisory Private Limited (ABPS Infra) by the mandate of the Indian Ministery of New and Renewable Energy. Given the huge untapped market, Ministry of New and Renewable (MNRE) under the ‘Global Solar Water Heating Project’ is exploring the possibility of developing promotional schemes, which will enable large-scale deployment of SWH in the country.

CSP Feed-in Tariffs Guide (2011)

Submitted by Raquel Ponte Costa on April 12, 2012

Written to support CSP Today’s 2011 concentrated solar power (CSP) event in Seville, this report provides an overview of the regulatory incentives schemes that exist to support the concentrated solar thermal industry around the world. It summarises the incentives and targets for CSP in nine countries: USA, South Africa, India, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Greece, and Portugal. For each, the feed-in tariffs, tax credits, or subsidies are specified and explained by different industry experts.

Author: CSP Today

Year: 2011

California Solar Rebates, Tax Credits and Other Incentives (2010)

Submitted by Raquel Ponte Costa on July 15, 2010

This short document from SFEnvironment, a department of the City County of San Francisco, provides information on different incentive programmes carried out in California USA, like the San Francisco’s GoSolarSF Incentive Programme, the California Solar Initiative, Single Family Low Income Programme, the Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing, the Solar Water Heating, among many others.

The document includes a short description of each scheme and links to official website.

District Heating in Denmark (2009)

Submitted by Raquel Ponte Costa on February 25, 2010

This is a presentation of the Managing Director of the Danish Board of District Heating (DBDH), Mr. Jes B. Christensen on the district heating sector in Denmark.

The presentation gives detailed information on the Danish district heating market in Denmark, since the first years in the 70s until nowadays, with references to the legal framework and the government incentive schemes.

These slides also show how district heating has helped reduce CO2 emissions and make Denmark a key example for energy self-sufficiency in Europe.

Consumer’s Guide: Heat Your Water with the Sun (2004)

Submitted by Raquel Ponte Costa on July 30, 2009

This document prepared by the US Department of Energy in 2004, is meant to inform consumers about the use of solar thermal technologies for water and space heating, namely how it works, its benefits, tips to select contractors, incentives schemes and other practical information on how to purchase a solar heating system, its requirements and maintenance obligations, as well as the estimated payback times.

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