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Guatemala: Growth without Subsidies

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on June 26, 2014
EnersolDespite the total lack of public incentives, the Guatemalan solar thermal market is growing at a steady rate. High electricity prices combined with a welcoming climate and market environment are turning solar thermal into an increasingly attractive technology. One of the country’s main solar thermal installers, Enersol, has been around for almost 30 years and installs both unglazed collector fields for swimming pools (left) and hot water systems for hotels and residential users (right).
Photos: Enersol

Tunisia: PROSOL Subsidises 4,000 m² of Commercial Installations

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on December 29, 2011

 Solar installation on the Iberostar Phenicia hotel in Hammamet The “Collective Prosol Programme” in Tunisia is gaining momentum. The National Agency for Energy Conservation (ANME) started the subsidy programme for solar thermal installations in the tertiary sector back in 2008. The application rate was low at first, but 2010 became a good year for the commercial solar thermal market. At the end of that year, ANME counted a total installed and subsidised collector area of 4,000 m2, including four hotel installations with together 480 m2 and around 130 smaller installations under 30 m2. According to ANME, grants for another 1,770 m2 are still in the pipeline. And, a solar programme targeting 18 public swimming pools is also under development. The photo shows the solar installation on the Iberostar Phenicia hotel in Hammamet, at the northeast coast of Tunisia.
Photo: Alcor

Mexico City Shows the Way to Solar Obligations in Central America

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on July 21, 2009

swimming pool installation in Mexico City” Larger flat plate collector systems are gaining momentum in Mexico city, thanks to a Environmental Norm which makes solar water heaters mandatory. The photo shows a 144 m2 collector field of a public swimming pool in the district of Miguel Hidalgo in Mexico City. Quelle: GTZ / Foto: Marco A. Lemus

Solar Swimming Pool Heating in Florida – Collector Sizing and Economics (1994)

Submitted by Hans Craen on July 13, 2009

This document was put out by the Florida Solar Energy Center in 1994. At the time, there were over 200,000 swimming pools in Florida, and this document presents a simple method that can be used to determine the solar collector area needed to heat a swimming pool to comfort conditions.

This gives you formulas to calculate your collector area and the heat energy output to properly select panels that produce the appropriate Btu. It includes the cost and savings for different fuels compared to solar pool heating.

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