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France: High Solar Thermal Standing, But Shrinking Market

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on March 26, 2013

French people like solar thermal, but their wish to install a system seems to hardly come true. According to a recent survey among 1,008 persons, which was conducted by French survey company Ifop in January 2013, 5% claim to own a solar water heater and 4% a combined system for hot water and heating. Moreover, 17% of the interviewees are planning to install a solar water heater (vs 13% in 2012) and 16% a combined system (vs 12% in 2012). The target group of the survey was a representative mix of French adults in terms of sex, age, profession, region and living standard. The study, which had been commissioned by the certification body of companies in the renewable energy field, Qualit’ENR, also showed a high trust in solar technology: More than 80 % of the participants believe that solar thermal energy is a reliable technology – making it the ranking’s Number One, as the chart above shows. You will find the French Qualit’ENR summary PDFs from the beginning of January attached to this news piece.
Chart: Ifop

Tunisia: Government Extends PROSOL Support Scheme

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on March 19, 2013

Tunisia’s government has extended the incentive and low-interest loan scheme PROSOL to 2016. The latest contract between the Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gas, STEG, and the Tunisian Attijari Bank ensures loan repayment for solar water heater purchases between 2012 and 2016. It grants users of solar water heaters five years to pay back the loan through their monthly STEG electricity bill. The electricity bill payment is the key success factor of the financial scheme PROSOL, because it is a fairly reliable way of refinancing the thousands of loans. The chart above shows the residential collector area which profited from PROSOL subsidies and loans each year.
Figure: ANME

Qualitative Approach for Solar Water Heaters. The Tunisian experience (2009)

Submitted by Raquel Ponte Costa on January 24, 2012

This is a presentation delivered by Mr. Noureddine Ketari from the Tunisian Institute Aptitudes during the Regional Workshop on Standardization and Certification of Solar Water Heaters organized by the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE) in Tunisia.

Tunisia: „The solar thermal sector was not much affected by the revolution“

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on March 14, 2011

 Amjed Sibai, Managing Director of Sines” The economic situation in Tunisia two months after former President Ben Ali left the country is back to normal. Material supply is available without delay, the grants of the incentive programme are paid and even the demand for solar water heaters slowed down only a bit. spoke with Amjed Sibai, Managing Director of Sines Industries, one of the largest collector and tank manufacturers in the country, about the current business situation in Tunisia. Sines was founded in 2005 by him and his brother Ismail Sibai, who transferred the technology from their Greek partner which has been in the solar thermal market since 1976.

ESTIF: Call for Paper for estec 2011

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on November 12, 2010

 5th European Solar Thermal Energy Conference (estec)” The 5th European Solar Thermal Energy Conference (estec) will take place in Marseilles, France, on 20 and 21 October 2011. The international event is organised by both the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF) and the French solar energy association Enerplan and, supported by Ademe, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency.

Brazil: My Home My Life Programme requires Qualisol certified Installers

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on October 7, 2010

 Brazilian installer label Qualisol”

The Brazilian installer label Qualisol has recently gained greater visibility in the market. Not only does CAIXA, the national mortgage bank for the housing sector, now require installers to provide a Qualisol label to take part in the social housing programme My Home My Life (Minha Casa Minha Vida), but also some of the energy utilities' efficiency programmes accept only installers which are Qualisol certified.

Tunisia: First Steps towards introducing Qualisol and Solar Keymark

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on September 27, 2010

 Qualisol label” Quality label for installers: By adapting French installer certification Qualisol, Tunisia's market development project Prosol has already entered “the 3rd Dimension” of quality control since its launch in 2005. Training is provided by the National Chamber of Renewable Energies (CNSEnR) after which installers will have to pass an exam to use the label in shop windows, ads, offers and invoices. Tunisia is a perfect example of quality-oriented solar thermal market development.

France: More than 9,000 Quality Checks of Solar Thermal Systems

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on September 17, 2010

 Qualisol audits” The quality of solar water heaters is improving steadily. Evidence of this trend can be found in the results of the 8,000 Qualisol audits, which have been carried out since 2007. Within four years, the share of “excellent” installations more than doubled, from 20 to 55.5 %. The share of “poor” installations shrank from 10 to 3 %.
Source: Qualit'EnR

France: Qualisol – A Quality Scheme for Installers

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on March 12, 2010

 Qualisol label” Qualit’EnR manages the solar thermal installers label Qualisol and offers a wide range of services to qualified installation companies, such as: listing on the web portal (, free technical assistance, advertising and communications material and the Qualit’EnR newsletter.

France already set Targets in 2007: Great efforts to reach them

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on January 18, 2010

France is the frontrunner in Europe in terms of implementing political frame conditions for solar thermal technology. The government already approved the country's energy law, the so-called “Grenelle de l’Environnement“, in 2007. Richard Loyen, Secretary General of the French Solar Energy Association Enerplan, explained that the law, “more or less anticipated the implementation of the RES Directive” when he spoke during an association workshop organized by the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF) in Brussels last December.

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