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Ordinance on the Incorporation of Solar Thermal Energy Collection in the Buildings (2003)

Submitted by Raquel Ponte Costa on August 23, 2010

The Barcelona Solar Thermal Ordinance has been in place since 2000. Reviewed in 2006, this piece of local legislation was pioneer for a city in Europe.

Solar Energy in Barcelona. The Solar Thermal Ordinance (2007)

Submitted by Raquel Ponte Costa on July 12, 2010

This report prepared by the Polytechnic University in Catalunya gives the reader a complete overview of the Barcelona solar thermal ordinance, created in 2000, and the role of the Barcelona City Council in this regard.

Solar Thermal Legislation on Municipal, Regional and National Level in Spain: Success and Remaining Barriers (2007)

Submitted by Hans Craen on July 29, 2009

This overview, which was presented at the 2007 ESTEC conference, summarises the current status of solar thermal legislation in Spain and in the Catalan region in particular. The leading role Barcelona has played in making the installation of solar thermal systems compulsory in new buildings, and the positive results of it, was a catalyst for setting ambitious goals on national level.

Barriers to Technology Diffusion: the Case of Solar Thermal Technologies (2006)

Submitted by Hans Craen on March 27, 2009

This joint paper from the OECD and IEA (October 2006) looks into the different barriers that exist which prevent solar thermal technologies to deliver its real potential. Next to listing the barriers, the document also looks into means to overcome these, the existing technologies & markets and identifies best practices which can be used by policy makers in both industrialised and developing countries.

Three barriers to diffusion are analysed in more detail:

(1) Technical barriers,

(2) Economic barriers and

Solar Obligation in Barcelona: Pioneers in Europe

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on August 30, 2008

The Barcelona Solar Thermal Obligation was the first of its kind adopted in a large European city. The first version entered into effect in August 2000. The revised version was approved in February 2006. Main changes are that the regulations now apply to more buildings and that the solar fraction was increased.

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