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ITC Maurya Sheraton

India: Two 160 m² Solar Dishes Supply Steam to New Delhi’s Sheraton Hotel

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on June 25, 2012

 Concentrator system with Arun Dishes” Within 18-month time, the first solar concentrator system with Arun Dishes has been installed successfully on a hotel roof in India. Indian company Clique Solar began to set up the solar steam installation at ITC Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi, in November 2009. The ITC hotel group is a “green” luxury hotel chain. Total project costs, including installation, amounted to around INR 8.5 million. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy contributed INR 2.4 million in subsidies to it. Taking the 30% grant into account, the investment will pay back in 5 to 6 years. The photo shows an Arun Dish system with an aperture area of 160 m² (mirror area), which concentrates the sunlight in one point.
Photo: Clique Solar

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