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Mexico: Procalsol Programme Ends this Year

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on May 22, 2012

 Solar thermal statistics of Mexico The programme Procalsol that started in 2007 will end in December 2012. It has been Mexico’s first long-term scheme to support solar water heating. Experts disagree on whether the end of Procalsol will influence the solar thermal market in the country. In addition, it is not only the Procalsol’s end which makes predictions difficult: This July, the Mexicans will elect a new president, who will take over in December. The chart shows that the annual installed collector area has lagged behind Procalsol’s plans since 2009. Around 30 % of the installed collector area in the chart above include unglazed swimming pool absorbers.
Source: Solar Heat Worldwide, Anes, manufacturer`s information

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