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Korea New and Renewable Energy Center

South Korea: Commercial Sector Dominates

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on January 20, 2012

 Markets for Solar Thermal in South KoreaThe commercial solar thermal market is gaining importance in South Korea. According to the Korea New and Renewable Energy Center (KNREC), only 43 % of the glazed and subsidised collector area in 2010 was installed in residential housing. The majority of systems were set up in public buildings because of a mandatory renewable law, and in social welfare facilities due to a 50 % investment subsidy. The KNREC pie chart of the collector market in 2010 adds up to 69,805 m2. The statistics do not include thermosiphon systems (not subsidised by the government), as well as certain not certified types of imported vacuum tube collector systems.
Source: KNREC

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