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India: First Solar Crematorium in Trial Phase

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on December 28, 2011

 solar-powered crematorium A spiritual hermitage in Gujarat state, in the northwest of India, has become the home of the country’s first solar-powered crematorium. At the ecologically conscious Muni Seva Ashram, a 50 m2 Scheffler Dish will heat the oven which burns the dead bodies. The project was developed in cooperation with Wolfgang Scheffler (who designed the Scheffler mirrors from Germany) and Ronnie Sabawala (one of the owners of Vadodara-based Himalaya Engineering). The Solar crematorium has been installed near Ashram at the “panchayat land” (land managed by the village council) for field testing and demonstration. Although the target temperature is above 1,000 °C, preliminary tests have proven successful. The photo shows the Scheffler Dish on the left and the chamber, in which the body is placed, on the right.
Photo: Jaideep Malaviya

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