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Portugal: 28% of Lisbon Buildings with Perfect Solar Thermal Energy Conditions

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on October 29, 2012

Thanks to a new online tool, Lisbon’s inhabitants are now able to determine the solar potential of their buildings’ rooftops. Lisbon’s so-called “Solar Potential Map” (Carta do Potencial Solar do Concelho de Lisboa) has been launched recently by the municipality’s energy agency, Lisboa E-Nova. The tool, which is free of charge, uses Google Maps to identify areas in which solar thermal systems can be installed. The calculation factors in the orientation and angle of the roof, shading, as well as other obstacles. All in all, 28% of Lisbon’s rooftops show an optimal orientation for the use of solar thermal energy.
Figure: Lisboa E-Nova

Portugal: Huge Solar Potential in Lisbon’s Historical Downtown

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on December 15, 2011

 Arco da Rua Augusta The historical downtown area of the Portuguese capital, known as Baixa Pombalina, has a collector area potential of 100,000 m2. This is the result of the study “Carta do Potencial de Integração de Sistemas Solares na Baixa Pombalina”, which was developed within European project ProSTO - Best Practice Implementation of Solar Thermal Obligations - coordinated by Lisbon’s Municipal Energy and Environment Agency, Lisboa E-Nova, in cooperation with the city council and IGESPAR (Portuguese Institute for the Management of Architectural and Archaeological Heritage). The photo shows the Arco da Rua Augusta – the entrance to Baixa Pombalina.
Photo: Wikipedia

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