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Felss Burger

Germany: Solar Thermal Experts Discuss Cost-Cutting Strategies

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on February 23, 2012

 Audience at SMEThermal 2012The solar thermal industry is facing major challenges: Costs of storage and collector components have to be reduced even further if large solar plants are to offer investors competitive prices for heating. Hence, 170 industry representatives and scientists from all around the world came together at the international industry conference SMEThermal 2012 in Berlin at the beginning of February 2012 to explore cost-cutting strategies during a round-table discussion.
Photo: Solarpraxis AG / Therese Aufschlager

Austria: Fully automated Bending Machine at Greenonetec

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on July 11, 2011

 Automated bending machine at Greenonetec” In March 2011, German machinery supplier Felss Burger GmbH delivered an automated bending machine for the production of serpentine absorber pipes to Austrian collector manufacturer Greenonetec. The machine achieves a high production capacity of 72 meanders (1.2 x 2 m2) per hour. A robot removes the finished serpentine absorber pipe from the machine, places it on a pallet, grabs a piece of cardboard and puts it on top of the pipes.
Photo: Greenonetec

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