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Turkey: State Activities in Solar Thermal Market Difficult to Research

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on January 2, 2015
Toki project 2014Multi-family houses with central solar hot water systems, such as the ones on the photo, have become increasingly common in Turkey. According to the latest survey among collector manufacturers, which was carried out by German agency solrico, more than half of the larger Turkish companies consider multi-family buildings to have been the fastest-growing segment in 2014. Four in ten are convinced that this segment will dominate their sales in 2020. then tried to enquire about the role that the Housing Development Administration, TOKI, plays in the market’s transition – a rather difficult undertaking, as the following story shows.
Photo: Simsek

Turkey: Solar Hot Water Systems supply 20,000 low-income Family Flats

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on May 23, 2011

 Social housing project in Turkey ” Solar water heaters are gaining importance in Turkey's social housing projects: Over the last years, the country's Housing Development Administration (TOKI) has provided a total of 20,000 flats for low-income families with solar hot water. According to Munik Durak, these projects have, for the most part, been realised at newly constructed blocks of flats consisting of 40 to 50 units (see photo). Furthermore, the director of TOKI´s project department stated that TOKI had installed solar heating systems in 100 hospitals all around the country.
Photo: Ezinç

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