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Germany: Bank Builds Solar House for Alternative Pension Scheme

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on October 4, 2016
Verlagsgruppe KampradTopping out a new primarily solar-supplied residential building in Germany is not really news anymore, especially because there have already been more than 1,800 solar houses set up all across the country, according to November 2015 statistics by the association Sonnenhaus-Institut (Solar House Institute). What’s special about this topping out ceremony on a solar house in Schmölln in the region of Thuringia at the end of August 2016 is the fact that the investor is a bank. The building is planned to cover 55 % of its heat and 100 % of its electricity demand by solar. With it, local cooperative bank VR Bank Altenburger Land wants to demonstrate to its members and clients what smart living will look like in the future. 
Photo: Verlagsgruppe Kamprad / VR-Bank Altenburger Land eG

Germany: Solar House Institute Members Win Renergy Award

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on March 20, 2014
riedel_leukefeldProf Timo Leukefeld and Stephan Riedel, solar experts and members of the Solar House Institute (Sonnenhaus-Institut), have won this year's Renewable Energy Award, or Renergy Award for short. The first award of its kind was presented at the CEB Clean Energy Building fair in Stuttgart, Germany, on 6 March 2014. It honours sector professionals for their commitment and their innovations in the field of renewable energies. The photo shows Stephan Riedel and Timo Leukefeld (right) in front of one of the experts’ self-sustainable solar houses in Freiberg, in the east of Germany.
Photo: Timo Leukefeld

Germany: Independent of Energy Utilities

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on May 18, 2011

 Helma’s energy self-sufficient home ” Living without gas and electricity grid connection: On 5 May, German building promoter Helma Eigenheimbau AG inaugurated its first energy self-sufficient home located in the 'show house park for sustainable construction' at the company’s headquarters in Lehrte, Germany. The sun supplies the thermal energy required for hot water and space heating, as well as the electricity for the household and the electric car. As a result, the house is completely independent from any energy suppliers.
Photo: Helma Eigenheimbau AG

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