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South Africa: Solardome closes SWH manufacturing facility

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on March 12, 2012

 South African solar thermal pioneer Solardome SA After 42 years in the business, South African solar thermal pioneer Solardome SA had to shut down its manufacturing operations at the end of last year. The name Solardome - formerly Mikado - stands for more than four decades of collector manufacturing in South Africa (see Managing Director Tertius Lindenberg holds ESKOM’s rebate programme responsible for the trouble that his company and some other local manufacturers are in at the moment. The rebate scheme of South Africa’s main power supplier had resulted in a flood of cheap imports, which compete with local production.
Photo: Solardome

More than 41 years of Collector Manufacturing in South Africa

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on August 11, 2010

 Collector panel from 1969 ” Collector panel from the year 1969: This 41-year old collector is one of the very first units that South African company Mikado (PTY) Ltd. (since 1997 called Solardome SA) produced in South Africa. Today’s Managing Director Tertius Lindenberg looks back at 4 decades of solar thermal business.
Photo: Solardome

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