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Turkey: High-quality Solar Hot Water Systems across Earthquake Area

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on November 26, 2012

One year after the earthquake in the city of Van in the very east of Turkey, the government has built more than 15,000 new houses for those who lost their homes. The 15,323 new flats were constructed within twelve months. All of them are equipped with individual 120 litre thermosiphon solar water heaters, corresponding to a total collector area of 30,646 m2.
Photo: Ezinç

Turkey: New Import and VAT Taxation for Vacuum Tubes

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on July 29, 2011

The Turkish Ministry of Economy has introduced a new calculation method for import taxes and the VAT on imported vacuum tubes. The ’Protection and Inspection Tax’ (Korunma ve Gözetim Vergisi) was made official in the ‘Public Gazette’ and has been in place since 6 July 2011. The new regulation assumes the price of a vacuum tube to be at 6 USD/kg, even if the real price is much lower. The import tax of 1.9 % and 18 % VAT are both calculated based on this assumed price. With an estimated weight of 1.6 kg per tube, import tax and VAT add up to USD 1.9 per tube. That means that the new regulation significantly increases the price of a vacuum tube, which is said to cost between two and three US dollars.

Turkey: Industry discovers Space Heating and Process Heat

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on May 20, 2010

 Solar shop of SolimpeksThe picture shows the solar shop of Solimpeks and the office building for the engineers of the Seiso subsidiary, which is responsible for large-scale projects. Turkish solar thermal manufacturers increasingly establish separate companies to handle hotel installations or process heat applications. Photo: Ina Röpcke

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