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Worldwide: Largest Flat Plate Collector Manufacturers in 2013

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on November 5, 2014
The number one in the ranking of the worldwide largest flat plate collector manufacturers based on collector area produced in 2013 is still Austrian OEM collector manufacturer Greenonetec, followed by three non-European manufacturers from BRICS countries: Soletrol from Brazil, as well as two companies from China, Prosunpro and Five Star. Germany’s largest flat plate collector manufacturer, Bosch Thermotechnik, only came in fifth place, down from being second in the previous ranking in 2012. German agency solrico created the ranking after carrying out a worldwide survey among companies serving the solar thermal sector in September and October 2014. Who has ranked how well this year shows a lot about the international trends of the global solar thermal industry. 
Source: solrico / manufacturers' information

Denmark/Hungary: Velux to Close Down Solar Collector Business

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on October 28, 2013

“The Velux Group has decided to discontinue sales of solar thermal collectors during the autumn 2013.” This was the first sentence of a short statement which appeared on the internet pages of the different Velux distribution partners in Europe in the middle of September 2013. It continued with the words: “Even though we stop selling solar thermal collectors, we will continue to provide service and spare parts for maintenance of your Velux solar thermal system.” By closing the chapter on its solar thermal endeavour, the Velux Group will once again focus only on its core business – selling roof and flat roof windows as well as blinds.
Photo: Velux

USA: Watts to Introduce Solar Station for Collector Fields of up to 400 m²

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on August 29, 2012

US-American manufacturer Watts, a Watts Water Technologies Company, is planning to extend its solar product range. Among other things, the company is going to offer a new solar pumping station for larger commercial systems. The FlowBox Solar for collector fields of up to 100 m² (FBS 1000NA), which entered the European market two years ago, will be available in the US through Kingspan Solar in early 2013 and will also be shown at Solar Power International in Orlando, Florida. “We want to increase our visibility in the growing commercial segment,” Alex Green, Solar Technical Manager at Watts in North America, explains. Watts is the second solar component supplier after German supplier PAW GmbH & Co KG which will offer a German solar station development for larger systems on the US market. The photo shows the LCD plus controller – developed in Europe and produced in France - which has been available in the USA for four years.

Romania: A Subsidy Scheme and its Implementation Problems

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on August 28, 2012

Romania is the only major country in Europe without a commercial manufacturer of solar flat plate collectors. The photo, however, shows a small, non-commercial collector manufacturing unit in Timişoara, in the west of Romania. It produces collectors for some solar water heating systems of local Caritas institutions and is supported by the German Urbis Foundation. The reason why all other neighbouring countries - Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary and Ukraine – have already seen a number of component manufacturers being established, but Romania has not, can be found in the inconsistency of the country’s support policy and the high bureaucratic hurdles when it comes to the programme itself. After applications are approved, there are still contracts to be signed and further papers to be handed in after the installation before applicants can receive their money.
Photo: Urbis Foundation

Hungary: Minitec delivers a Laser-welding System to Velux

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on January 22, 2010

 Laser-welding machine” Laser-welding machine with a horizontal rotation table: This machine by the Switzerland manufacturer Minitec was ordered by the Danish Velux Group for its collector factory in Fertöd, Hungary. The worker can control the welding operation inside the machine on screen, while placing another pipe register and absorber on the rotation table.

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