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Brazil: “Solar Water Heaters will become a culture”

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on November 2, 2010

 Carlos F. C. Faria” Carlos F. C. Faria is the founder of Brazilian consultancy Studio Equinócio - SE and former director of the Brazilian solar industry association ABRAVA. Studio Equinócio is dedicated to the development of solar energy in Brazil. The company works in partnership with industries, associations, banks, local governments and energy utilities to establish a solar energy network in Latin America. At the Eurosun 2010, spoke with Carlos Faria about what drives the market in Brazil.
Photo: Eurosun

Brazil: Solar Car Wash saves Water and Chemicals

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on March 15, 2010

 Solar Thermal Power Plants” Solar plug'n'play solution in Brazil: The unit developed by Brazilian company E2 Solar consists of a solar roof with 16 collectors and a storage tank with a capacity of 2,500 litres.
Photo: Petrobras

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