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Slim all-black collectors: the next generation of solar heating

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on September 3, 2018
Photo: HRsolarIn March, Dutch-based HRsolar began manufacturing a completely redesigned collector on a fully automated production line. Called Nero, the black-coloured unit is 40 millimetres thick – as slim as a photovoltaic panel. According to the manufacturer, the aim had been to “reinvent the concept of solar thermal, since it is increasingly being integrated with other sustainable technologies, such as photovoltaic systems and heat pumps.” Nero’s width and length correspond to the dimensions of commonly available PV panels, which measure 1,640 by 990 millimetres. 
Photo: HRsolar

RVO renewable heat incentive statistics online

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on August 23, 2018
Since January 2016, a subsidy scheme by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, also known as RVO, has led to the installation of 66,659 renewable heating systems in the country, the ISDE Viewer shows. ISDE is short for Investeringssubsidie Duurzame Energie, or Investment Grant for Sustainable Energy, which helps owners of residential or commercial property to retrofit their buildings with solar water heaters, biomass boilers or heat pumps (for a more detailed description, please see the database of incentive programmes). Half of the EUR 100 million budget that was available for 2018 still is, according to the programme’s website
Chart: RVO

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