Dynamic Market Growth in the UK

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on February 2, 2009

The UK was still one of the most dynamic solar thermal markets in Europe in 2008 – despite the worldwide economic crisis. According to the British Solar Trade Association (STA), the amount of solar thermal collectors installed countrywide in 2008 grew by 50 % to 81,000 m2 (57 MWth)."

India: Building byelaws in Chandigarh City with far-reaching Rules

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on February 2, 2009

logo of Chandigarh cityThe Open Hand is one of the landmarks of Chandigarh city, the capital of the two Indian states Punjab and Haryana in the north of India.
Photo: City of Chandigarh

Green Chiller: Promoting Solar Air Conditioning

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on February 1, 2009

solar cooling of malta retirement houseCooling with the sun: This retirement home in Kalkara, Malta, is conditioned by a chillii Solar Cooling Kit PSC10 (10 kW cooling capacity). 38 m² flat plate collectors are used to generate the heat for the ammonia/water absorption chiller.
Photo: SolarNext

Vanir Energy: a new Solar Thermal Service Company

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on January 30, 2009

Solar markets are booming in the United States and more and more companies discover new business models featuring solar thermal - such as Vanir Companies Inc.

Solar Mega Fairs in Europe breaking Records

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on January 30, 2009

The next three months will be busy ones for the solar thermal industry. Several solar mega fairs will take place in Europe before the end of May.

The fair season starts with the biggest fair of all, the ISH in Frankfurt, Germany, including 2,400 exhibitors on more than 250,000 m2 of exhibition gross space, from the 10th to the 14th of March. Renewable energy technology is one of several areas at the fair, which also includes sanitation, air conditioning and building services.

Chile plans Tax Credits for Housing Developers

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on January 29, 2009

A new bill by the Chilean government offers sweeping incentives to low income families and housing developers when purchasing solar water heaters. The chamber of deputies’ Finance Committee approved the draft in November of 2008 and it is now on its way to be approved by parliament. The proposed legislation is expected to come into effect in the first half of 2009.

Webinar - Solar Resource Monitoring Using Satellite Data and Recording

Submitted by Nigel Cotton on January 27, 2009

Date: Friday, February 20, 2009 - 15:00

Duration / timezone: 

1 hour / Central European Time (Brussels, Paris, Berlin) Zone A in www.theuds.com/timezone.php


Alexandre Pavlovski, Vladimir Kostylev

Sunrain defies crisis

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on January 27, 2009

 tube manufacturing at sunrain Increasing production: In 2008, the Chinese vacuum tube collector manufacturer Sunrain planned to produce 2.44 million m2 of collector area – 74 % more than in the previous year. Photo: Sven Tetzlaff


Webinar: Compact Heat Storage- Recording and Slides

Submitted by Nigel Cotton on January 23, 2009

Date: Friday, January 23rd 2009 - 15:00 - Central European Time (Brussels)
Duration: 1 hour Moderator: S Ferreira
Title: Compact Thermal Energy Storage
Technologies: Status, Applications and Developments
Speaker: Wim van Helden (ECN)