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Iran: POMAco’s View on Iranian Solar Thermal Market

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on November 16, 2013

After Iran’s elections in June and the new government taking over in August, hopes are that solar thermal could become an increasingly important technology in the Mideast country. Hossein Riyahi Dehkordi, Managing Director of Iranian solar company Polar Mehr Iranian - POMAco, expects the new government to improve the existing incentive schemes for solar thermal. “New investments and more support for green energy are in reach,” he says. But there has not yet been any specific announcement on how the improvement would look like. The photo shows the solar thermal installation in a public bath, the most common application for solar water heaters in Iran. The following article relies mainly on information from Mr Dehkordi, who gave an exclusive interview to POMAco is a joint-venture of Iranian company Solar Polar, a subsidiary of heating system specialist Polar Industrial Group and a collector manufacturer since 1999, and solar thermal system importer Taban Mehr Taksa, which is part of the Iranian Taksa Trade Development Group.
Photo: ITW/University of Stuttgart

Afghanistan: German Manufacturer Supplies Solar Thermal to Kabul Multi-Family House

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on November 13, 2012

Many sunny hours at low temperatures: The Afghan winter is predestined for solar heat use. German collector manufacturer REM GmbH has just delivered the first solar thermal system to a block of flats in Kabul – the first of a series of 21 installations which are to be set up in and around the capital. The private customer is using solar thermal technology to ensure a primary heat supply for his buildings. The project is implemented without support by governmental agencies or the help of subsidies. System design and construction is in the hands of German Solar Sky GmbH. The company, which plans and implements projects in Germany and abroad, has made Afghanistan and its neighbouring countries a top priority.
Source: NREL

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