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Tax Credits for Construction Companies

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on December 21, 2009

Chile’s tax rebate scheme law 20365 for the housing industry ended on 31 December 2013. After the election the new government promised to reactivate the tax credits at the beginning of 2015, but this is still pending (status: May 2015) because only the chamber of deputies approved the new regulation, but not the senat. (see the latest news)


Country / region



Name of programme


Providing tax relief for solar thermal systems

Type of incentive


Tax rebate

Eligible technologies


Solar water heating systems

Applicable sectors


Construction companies and housing developers

Target group


Newly constructed residential buildings for low-income families


Maximum of tax rebate


Property value less than UDF 2,000: 100% deduction

Property value less than UDF 3,000: 40% deduction

Property value less than UDF 4,500: 20% deduction

Requirements for system


Solar thermal system must be capable to generate at least an average 30 % of the annual demand for hot water

Special Requirements

The construction company is required to submit to the municipality the model and serial number of the collectors and tanks, as well as a written confirmation about their design allowing for the minimum solar share stipulated in the law

Effective date


Expiration date


End of 2013, not yet extended by December 2013

Last review of this tabloid


June 2015

Comisión Nacional de Energía
National Energy Commission

Ruben Bustos Muñoz


Effective Date: 
August 19, 2009