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Overview of Solar Water Heating Inputs, Data Sources, and Potential Study Results (2012)

Submitted by Raquel Ponte Costa on June 20, 2015

This report comes from The Cadmus Group, and provides information on the organizations research into and plans for expanding the use of solar thermal water heating throughout the Pacific North-West United States. It is a good example of how businesses are approaching the solar thermal market moving forward, and what successes and obstacles they see in the future.

The company would like to expand the use of solar thermal in residential, multifamily, and commercial settings. In their analysis, the group sees the federal investment incentive expiring in 2016, and does not include the use of any state incentives. They assume that administrative costs will be 20% of the installed measured costs. The systems they will be installing have a solar fraction of nearly 70%, making them very cost effective. Looking 20 years out, they see significant growth in usage and savings for consumers.

Author: The Cadmus Group

Date: 2012

Pages: 6

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