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Mediterranean Investment Facility - Building on Success Stories and Partnerships (2014)

Submitted by Francesco Gattiglio on February 5, 2015

This document was developed as a joint collaboration the Global Environment Fund (GEF) of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea. UNEP and Italy cooperated to create the Mediterranean Investment Facility (MIF) to provide financial mechanisms in the Mediterranean region to support renewable energy and energy-efficiency systems, such as solar thermal water heating systems.

The document illiustrates the outcomes of the MIF project in Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco and Montenegro. Also South Africa is included in the report, since it replicated MIF´s lesson learned in the City of Cape Town Solar Water Heating Programme.

The report includes descriptions of the projects developed in these countries, targets, source of funding, results of the projects, photos and graphics. Tourism, service and industry sectors are targeted by the projects financed by the MIF. 

Document available in English and Arabic. 

Author: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea 

Date of publication: 2014

Pages: 44

Download document in English  or in Arabic