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Efficient building programme in Portugal

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on July 18, 2016
The investment grant scheme Aviso 20 – Edifícios Eficientes 2016 (Efficient Buildings) accepts applications between 8 July and 8 November 2016. Its budget of EUR 1.1 million covers up to 60 % of the cost of efficiency measures, including new solar water heater installations, in existing residential and commercial buildings.

Country / region


Name of programme

Aviso 20

Type of incentive

Investment grant

Eligible technologies

Solar water heaters, replacement of inefficient conventional heating systems, replacement of windows, improved insulation and efficient lighting systems

Applicable sectors

Residential and commercial buildings


Residential buildings: up to 60 % of the investment costs of a solar water heater including installation

Commercial buildings: up to 35 % of the solar thermal system including Installation costs

Costs related to VAT tax are not included

Maximum incentive

Residential and commercial buildings: Maximum incentive of EUR 2,500 for a retrofitted solar thermal system with an existing boiler and a maximum incentive of EUR 3,000 for a solar thermal system including a new boiler

Requirements for system

At least with an energy Class A

Requirements for installation

No requirements

Finance provider

Comissão Executiva do Plano Nacional de Acção para a EficiênciaEnergética (PNAEE) – Fundo de Eficiência Energética

Total funds

EUR 1.1 million (50 % for residential buildings and 50 % for commercial buildings)

Funding source

Energy Efficiency Fund

Effective date

8 July 2016

Expiration date

8 November 2016


Aviso 20:

Last review of this tabloid

July 2016



Effective Date: 
July 8, 2016