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Tedeko Solar Energy

Montenegro: First Solar Shop Opening

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on October 19, 2012

“May the sun always shine on you" (Vazda vas sunce grijalo): that is the motto of Tedeko Solar Energy, a Montenegrin company specialised in solar thermal and photovoltaic energy. Tedeko is located in the town of Tivat at the picturesque Adriatic coast. At the beginning of October, the company opened its first solar shop in the country (see photo). Lazar Kordić, the manager who runs the shop, is satisfied with the first week of business. “Some twenty people gathered at the opening,” he says. The following days confirmed his expectations that the solar shop will be of interest to his potential clients, Kordić adds. “There were both engineers and architects present. This seems very promising for our future development.”
Photo: Lazar Kordic

Montesol Shines in Montenegro

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on September 14, 2012

With only 625,000 inhabitants, Montenegro is a small country. But its government seems to make greater efforts to promote solar thermal energy than some bigger nations in Southeast Europe. In May 2012, the second phase of Montesol started with a programme for interest-free loans to help install solar water heaters in private households. “Since then, around sixty loans have been approved with an average amount of EUR 3,200,” Mija Nenezić, expert at the Montenegrin Ministry of Economy, says and adds that Montenegro had one of the highest potential for solar energy in Europe: “At ourcoastline, the sun shines up to 2,500 hours per year. The annual solar radiation of 1,602 kWh/m2 in our capital Podgorica is actually higher than in Rome or Athens.”

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