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PV gets 285 times more subsidies as solar thermal

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on August 28, 2018
The Netherlands Enterprise Agency, also known as RVO, which invited applications for its renewable feed-in tariff scheme SDE+ in spring, has approved funding for 22 solar thermal systems totalling 8.4 MWth. In all, EUR 3.6 billion has been awarded to 3,899 applicants following the invitation. Photovoltaic systems have claimed around 57 % of the funding pot, biomass CHP 27 % and geothermal 6 % (see pie chart). Considering that solar thermal has received a meagre 0.2 %, the clear focus of the support scheme seems to be on green electricity. 
Chart: RVO

RVO renewable heat incentive statistics online

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on August 23, 2018
Since January 2016, a subsidy scheme by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, also known as RVO, has led to the installation of 66,659 renewable heating systems in the country, the ISDE Viewer shows. ISDE is short for Investeringssubsidie Duurzame Energie, or Investment Grant for Sustainable Energy, which helps owners of residential or commercial property to retrofit their buildings with solar water heaters, biomass boilers or heat pumps (for a more detailed description, please see the database of incentive programmes). Half of the EUR 100 million budget that was available for 2018 still is, according to the programme’s website
Chart: RVO

Europe: Solar Thermal Is Best-Known Renewable Heating Technology

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on May 1, 2016
FROnT Project 2As part of EU project Fair RHC Options and Trade (FROnT), customers from the residential, non-residential and industrial sector were asked about the key points factoring into their decision on a heating or cooling system. In all sectors, solar thermal was the most widely known renewable heat technology. Among the around two-thirds of the interview partners who knew about renewable heating and cooling technologies, 96 % of the residential, 89% of non-residential and 79 % of industrial customers were aware of the opportunities of solar thermal energy. “That was a confirming result for us,” Stefano Lambertucci, Policy Officer at the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF), said. Awareness of solar cooling was significantly lower, especially in the industrial sector, where biomass and geothermal heat pumps received high scores.
Figure: FROnT

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