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Croatia: Demand for Residential Subsidy Scheme Exceeds Budget

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on April 2, 2013

On 3 December 2012, Croatia started another year of nationwide subsidies. The Croatian Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund (EPEEF) grants households up to 40% of the solar water heater investment, up to a maximum of Croatian Kuna (HRK) 12,000 (EUR 1,580) per house or flat. Eligible technologies include solar thermal, off-grid photovoltaics, heat pumps and biomass boilers. The beginning in 2009 was accompanied by a large countrywide media campaign. “I can have solar collectors, too!” said Victor, a popular comic book character known all over Croatia (see the ad above). Leaflets and posters went hand in hand with an awareness-raising campaign in the press, on the radio and on TV. There was even a picture book for children, which became widely distributed all around Croatia. The consequence: today’s demand is higher than the programme’s budget.

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