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Germany: Multi-Family Houses Achieve High Yields

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on February 12, 2014
2013 was a very good solar year for the housing developer of 8-19 Kastenienplatz in Querfurt, a city in the east of Germany. The solar thermal system of the developer’s multi-family houses with 95 flats along 8-19 Kastanienplatz yielded a whopping 586 kWh/m2 of collector area. Last year’s monitored solar yield, which was produced by a field of 50 m2 of flat plate collector area, was as high as 29,557 kWh. Kastanienplatz is just one of several reference projects by German engineering company and system developer Parabel Energiesysteme to reach specific yields of more than 500 kWh/m²a (see the chart on the left). Usually, solar hot water systems in multi-family houses only allow specific solar yields between 200 and 400 kWh.
Source: Parabel

Germany: Housing Coop’s Monitored Solar Plants Achieve 500 kWh/m²

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on February 22, 2013

German company Parabel Energiesysteme has set up solar thermal systems with collector areas between 20 and 220 m² on, all in all, 450 buildings across Europe. More than 100 of these systems are part of a continuous monitoring programme. Their typical yield is 500 kWh/m² and year – impressively high for Germany. In January, a group of participants of the SMEThermal conference in Berlin, Germany, took a tour to a Parabel plant. The photo shows the area in the centre of Berlin where solar water heaters are placed on several roofs of the multi-family buildings as well as a kindergarten on the left.
Photo: Eva Augsten

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