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NES New Energy Systems

Bulgaria: New Solar Thermal Market Data Published

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on January 12, 2015
It is crucial for stakeholders – no matter in which markets they operate – to obtain accurate statistical data before making investment decisions. Sometimes, however, this is not an easy task; an example of how difficult it is to rely on published statistics is the Bulgarian market for solar thermal energy. The June 2014 market report by the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF) showed the newly installed collector area in Bulgaria in 2013 to add up to 5,600 m². But the country’s leading flat plate collector manufacturer, NES New Energy Systems, located in the town of Shumen in northeast Bulgaria, reported an annual production volume of 20,000 m² for 2013 and sales of 12,000 m² during the same year. This means that the NES collectors alone (assuming that they were installed) would double the market volume which was published in the ESTIF report. In an attempt to find an explanation for the diverging figures, contacted the available sources.

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