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Taiwan and Japan: Commonalities and Differences

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on October 29, 2015

Taiwan and Japan have more in common as it seems at first glance: Both countries do not only belong to the same world region, but their 2014 market volume was of the same size too – around 100,000 m2 of newly installed collector area. And last but not least, vacuum tubes play only a minor role in both countries. Another factor which Taiwan and Japan have in common: they are hardly in the focus of the global solar thermal industry. One difference, however, is that Taiwan benefits from a support structure, whereas the Japanese industry is on its own – still, both markets are shrinking. The photo shows a larger swimming pool installation with collectors by Japanese manufacturer Chiryu. Photo: Chiryu

Taiwan: Regional Subsidy Programmes Are Main Force behind Growth

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on September 26, 2012

After the boom year of 2010, the latest market research from the Taiwanese National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) shows a strong decline in the Taiwanese market in 2011: With 116,000 m2 of newly installed collector area, last year’s figures were back to the level of 2009. The regional subsidy programme of the government of Kaohsiung city caused the 2010 sales peak of around 140,000 m² - before the programme ran out at the end of 2010. The authors of the study counted a subsidised 8,391 solar water heaters with 43,235 m² of collector area that were subsidised through the Kaohsiung city programme in 2010, 56 % more than in the previous year. This led the authors of the study to the conclusion that the “current national subsidy programme has recently lost its momentum in terms of expanding the market. This makes it all the more important for regional subsidy programmes to become the main force in growing sales.” NCKU´s 2012 market report is still under review and has not yet been published officially (find NCKU´s 2011 market survey attached below).
Photo: Appropedia

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