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Cyprian Ministry of Energy Commerce Industry and Tourism

Cyprus: Solar Thermal Industry Off to New Frontiers

Submitted by Baerbel Epp on June 14, 2014
CyprusIslands with no network connections to any mainland and a strong dependence on expensive fuel imports face special challenges in terms of their energy supply. That is why at the beginning of last year, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) launched the Global Renewable Energy Islands Network (GREIN) as a platform to share best practices for an “uptake of clean and cost-effective renewable energy technologies on islands.” At the end of May, GREIN held its two-day conference Renewable Energy Applications for Island Tourism in the Cyprian coastal town of Paphos. “Hotels and resorts depend on either utility power or onsite diesel generators for air conditioning, water heating, lighting and other services to create an attractive destination,” Adnan Z Amin, IRENA Director-General, was quoted by pv magazine as explaining the basic problem during his opening speech. “Most renewable energy technologies are now cost-competitive or even the cheapest option in many countries,” he emphasised. 
Picture: NASA

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